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Robot Cache Soft Launched in Select Countries Around the World 7 months ago

The revolution in game distribution has begun. Robot Cache soft launched in the Nordics (including Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and Greenland), Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We welcome the newest Cachers to our community of gamers and miners. We’ll continue to release in more countries each week on the road to fully releasing globally.

What’s The Latest and Greatest?

While we’ll remain in Early Access, the platform is ready for players to PLAY. MINE. SELL. right now! We’ve had many successful resells on the site, solidifying our place in history as the first place to officially resell a digital game! We have introduced new features such as Mining Bonuses, allowing gamers to receive free games just by turning on mining, continuing to support more graphic cards for mining, add more games to the store, and ensuring everyone has the best experience on Robot Cache as possible.

We also introduced a community program called Flight Crew where people can come together all while bonding over the same thing – a love for gaming. If you are interested in being part of the Flight Crew, fill out the short form and get ready to reach new heights and help spread the Robot Cache love.

What Does The Roadmap Look Like?

You may be wondering what’s next? A lot! Our future roadmap includes things like:

• Optimize the mining experience and add support more cards.
• Continuing to build out our game extra support like achievements, multiplayer, and matchmaking.
• Build upon the concept of resell and introduce a true secondary market.
• Expand on the community experience by rolling out a referral program, introducing chat and messaging, and building upon our Flight Crew program.

Of course, plus any of the feedback that comes in from you our Founders. Have specific ideas? Discuss with us on Discord and Twitter!

If you’re interested in Robot Cache, redeem code FASTPASS at to become a Robot Cache Founder and receive:

  • Access before the general public
  • Founder’s Mining Boost
  • Name Reservation 
  • Founder‘s Badge 

About Robot Cache

Robot Cache is the world’s first videogame marketplace to buy PC games, resell them when you’re done and mine to earn free ones! We’re committed to disrupting distribution to be more fair, transparent and inclusive, changing the standard forever because it’s time.


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