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RC Mission Control: Meet The Robot Cache Team 8 months ago

Robot Cache’s groundbreaking new model wouldn’t have been made possible without the hard work and experience of our team. Founded by video game legend Brian Fargo, RC is led by Lee Jacobson (CEO), Mark Caldwell (CTO), Laura Naviaux Sturr (CMO) and Philippe Erwin (GC & VP of Business Development). In this blog, we’ll briefly highlight each team member, their unique experience, and the skillz they bring to the table. Keep reading on to meet the Robot Cache team.

Meet The Robot Cache Team

Lee Jacobson (CEO)

Lee is an experienced senior entertainment and game industry executive. He has an extensive background in leading teams through publishing operations, video game production and studio management. He spent over a decade with Midway Games before taking on a senior role at Atari.

Mark Caldwell (CTO)

Another alumni of Midway Games, Mark worked as a director in their PC Dev department before going on to work for Disney Interactive and Playdom. His experience in technical development, team building and company leadership has helped guide the vision for the Robot Cache platform and it’s functionality.

Laura Naviaux Sturr (COO)

Laura joined the Robot Cache team with years of industry expertise. She started her career at THQ. From there, Laura spent 15-years with Sony Online Entertainment and its successor Daybreak, where she served as Chief Publishing Officer. Laura comes armed with 20 years of content and publisher experience which made her the perfect candidate to tackle the exciting challenges RC has had to face.

Philippe Erwin (GC & VP of Business Development)

Philippe has held senior executive positions at Activision Blizzard and Warner Bros. With a lifetime of business connections and knowledge to draw from, he’s been a strong force in signing some of the best titles on the platform.

Disrupting the gaming industry takes a big team. Robot Cache has a variety of people with deep experience in just about every corner– from blockchain technology to social media strategies and rapid platform growth. We’re happy to have some big players on board, and we’re excited for the future that we’re building together.

About Robot Cache

Robot Cache is the world’s first videogame marketplace to buy PC games, resell them when you’re done and mine to earn free ones! We’re committed to disrupting distribution to be more fair, transparent and inclusive, changing the standard forever because it’s time.

If you’re interested in Robot Cache, head over to our signup page to become a Robot Cache Founder and receive:

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