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3 Ways That Robot Cache Supports Indie Devs 3 months ago

Robot Cache began our mission with a simple goal in mind: to create a marketplace where everyone wins. And a big part of that goal includes supporting and encouraging the game creators that need it the most: the independent developers.

Through our brand new technologies, our forward-thinking marketing, and of course, our 95/5 revenue split, we are paving the way to a new future. A future that gives back to creators, and benefits everyone in the process. In this blog, we’ll go over a 3 ways that Robot Cache supports indie devs.

1. 95/5 Revenue Split

If we want to encourage indie devs to keep making games, we have to make sure they are getting paid fairly for their work. That’s why developers will receive 95% of the profit from their sales. Robot Cache only takes 5%, the minimum necessary to keep the platform running. We believe this is what being “fair” is all about. And ultimately, we wouldn’t be here without the hardworking devs that make gaming a reality.

2. New Technology

Beyond offering a better revenue split than any other marketplace, Robot Cache has also developed technologies that open up new revenue opportunities.

Robot Cache is the first marketplace that allows for the resell of digital games. This means that after the initial game purchase, developers will have additional opportunity to profit from that exact same copy of the game. It works just like a physical resale would, except that 70% goes directly back to the developer (on the contrary, if you buy a used game at a retail store the devs don’t receive any of that secondary profit. Not one penny!)

It’s all made possible by the Blockchain, which allows Gamers to actually own their digital purchases. RC is the first gaming marketplace to utilize Blockchain technology, and we are super excited about the potential it brings. We hope to continue to open new revenue streams by exploring the ways in which gamers participate in the downstream value they add to a digital game copy.

3. Next-Level Marketing

A game can only be profitable if gamers know where to find, and buy it. That’s why Robot Cache has worked hard to develop a game-focused marketing system which displays a rotating array of games in their best possible form. We put the focus on game art, and run frequent promotions to draw attention to even the smallest of indies. In this way, we stay true to our mantra of #EveryoneWins.

About Robot Cache

Robot Cache is the world’s first videogame marketplace to buy PC games, resell them when you’re done and mine to earn free ones! We’re committed to disrupting distribution to be more fair, transparent and inclusive, changing the standard forever because it’s time.

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