Resell your PC downloaded games for the First Time Ever!

The world's first blockchain-based digital marketplace for videogames.


A huge selection of games from your favorite game-makers and content creators.


While you're not using your video card, you can enlist it to mine IRON, basically tokens for earning free games.


You can sell your games when you're done with them. You get 25% back in tokens. Nice.

The Blockchain Advantage

Robot Cache is built on the blockchain for two reasons;to ensure the security of the games being bought and sold and to allow Cachers to mine IRON game tokens when they are not using their machine. An ecosystem built on fairness that promotes more great games to get made and played! That‘s how everyone wins!

Early Access starts soon Cache In!

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We promote and stand by the philosophy that Everyone Wins!

Our Share is 5%

No other marketplace can claim this, and it’s something we’re extremely proud of. More money stays with the content creators and developers, which means more great games get made. That’s the way it should be. Period.

Players Cache In

We’re committed to our customers’ happiness from customer support to feedback to new ideas! We’re listening and will always do our best to make sure our players win. Because it’s all about the “W,” right?

Only the Best

We strive to curate the best, most diverse content library so that every gamer feels at home on Robot Cache. Not only is quality of content important to us, but also the quality of the user experience. We got you!

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